A challenge became a journey the very day I took seat in front of the PC and learned how to make music from scratch.

I told myself: This is exactly how you gain the best experience — by diving in head first. And so since that day, I’ve been setting musical milestones and collecting respect for it in the midst of becoming the creative guru I am now.

The definition of a ‘one-man-army’ — South Florida’s God-gifted multi-genre wave-curating powerhouse — One of the most consistently creative and versatile recording artists to ever hail from the southeast.

From audio production, lyricism, and studio engineering to graphic design, videography, visual arts, and everything else there is to do — I do it all.

I am the all-in-one ‘Palm Wavy’, short for ‘Palmetto Wave’ (formerly ‘Ricano’ — it’s complicated).

I was born in 1993 — Gainesville, Florida. My folks originally resided in this small country town named Hawthorne, which is on the outskirts of the 352. It wasn’t until 1997 when we moved to Port St. Lucie.

I am 100% a Florida boy.


All through my middle school years I played the saxophone in band. This got me familiar with the basic fundamentals to music (hitting notes, staying in tune, etc.) Our band was so raw we ended up winning state band medal in 2007. That was the year my cousin introduced me to FL Studio 7 and I figured out how to make (the crustiest) beats (jk, they were gas).

In 2009 — at the age of 15 — I invested in cheap studio gear and taught myself how to record, mix, and master raw vocals all on my own beats using Sony Acid. I dropped four mixtapes by the time I had graduated high school in 2011 under the nickname ‘Ricano’ and had culminated a local following with my own creative collective called Upper Culture.


Immediately after graduating, my folks sent me off to FAMU in Tallahassee at the age of 17. In only a matter of months with a small group of close friends (Beej, Dre, and Skert), the musically-inclined ‘Smoke Phi Smoke’ rap fraternity was formed.

Eventually, I completely stopped going to class just to focus on making music every single day. I couldn’t help it. By the first semester we’d already had an entire tape ready to drop with just about 40+ songs made. But on 4/20 of 2012, I ran into some Smoke Phi trouble with the law and had to move back home to St. Lucie.



After six months of working on an unreleased self-produced project titled 'Savannah' and releasing 'Lo-Fi EP' earlier in 2012, I decided I’d move to Miami and stay with my uncle Bobby while attending Miami International University of Art & Design for audio production.

There is where I became uber-inspired by the tropical yet grungy surroundings of a legendary Vice City landscape and coined the stage name ‘Palmetto Wave’ in December. The very next year, in 2013, I released his 1st official self-produced album — ‘WaterGold’.

After gaining massive recognition and praise for the masterpiece, I expeditiously dropped my 2nd official album titled ‘The Prophecy of Palmetto’.

Also during this time, I had made lots of friends and new fans who were naturally gravitated toward the vibe I had going with my music from Miami Gardens to Hialeah.

I somehow ended up meeting @TakeOneRizzy, who was ‘Kidd Robb’ at the time. Just like the rest of my other “music buddies”, I saw potential in him and we made straight classics together. These would be later released on our wavy collaboration projects, ‘FLAliens’ 1 & 2.

Oh, and by the way, I ended up moving right back to St. Lucie after getting kicked out due to losing the job I had at Subway, dropping out (once again), and crashing the Benz.

Sad face.



So now I need a new place to stay.

I was too ashamed at the time to tell my parents I got kicked out so I hit up my boy Johnny who was at our boy Brad’s crib all the time. For two straight weeks, we just went in on the mic. I think we made over 30+ songs within that time frame, 90% of them on my own beats. From there, Upper Culture was a strong team.

Then I moved back in with my parents and eventually ran into the love of my life down the street. Yeah, I got a little sidetracked. But it was all very worth it. She’s been by my side almost every single day since 2013. Not only that, but I ended up getting her into making music. We now have a song featuring (a real) Lil’ B verse.

There’s a whole fuckload of juicy stories to tell with this girl but I’ll save that for my book in the future. Okay, back to the story.

After months of living in a hellish house with 8 other people, we managed to find a beach house studio apartment, marking the beginning of my life as a responsible adult.

From there, I went on to collaborate with many other talented producers and in 2014 accumulated over 100K SoundCloud plays on my “Palm Trees” Remix, as well as gaining more than 272K total SoundCloud plays since the release of his 3rd and 4th self-produced albums, ‘Tree Mason’ and ‘Catch The Wave’.

In 2015, I stuck to my "tree" series and continued to put out my 5th self-produced album, ‘Money Tree’. At this time, we were living in the hood, “The Hammock” in Stuart, Florida. Cop central but we still did lots of acid.

2016, I released six more mixtapes: 'TreeStyle', 'TreeMix', ‘Twenty Tree’, ‘Trick or Tree’, and ‘World War Tree’, as well as my 6th self-produced album, ‘High Tech Low Life’. These albums would be shortly followed by several events that I performed for the very first time at.

From 2015 to 2016 were great times spent with good friend Trippy Locc (formerly Trippy Jay). I somewhat played as a mentor and helped him build his early discography up from scratch.

We grew close after developing a brotherly bond through music. We put out a ton of music together and greatly assisted in each other’s growth as artists. Seriously, of the most talented kids I’ve ever known.


In August of 2017, I dropped a new album dubbed as ‘Magnum Opus’ - a solid 20-track project in collaboration with numerous featured producers. Shortly after, I was selected to perform my single "Cash" in a Cutler Bay rap competition and won 1st place, earning an interview with SNDS Radio. I then went on to drop ‘TreeMix 2’ in December, featuring one of my most popular — the “Brand New Glizzy” remix, acquiring 20K plays on Spotify.

By 2018, I had reached 2K monthly Spotify listeners and released six more official projects, including ‘Kowabunga EP’, ‘End of Summer’, ‘FLAliens 2’, ‘TreeMix 3’, ‘New Wave Order’ and ‘9 Tree’, with the single "Slide" being premiered on 1AMRadio. The much anticipated ‘Swimtape’ album was released on June 1st and was featured on DopeCauseWeSaid with the single "Wrist Watch" being premiered on HWING.


I remained consistent in 2019 by putting out 'Year Of Da Palm' on New Year’s day. This mixtape earned me an interview on The Deep Cuts Podcast and a few tracks being featured on Spotify playlists including Deep Cuts Radio and HubNation.

Starting in 2020, I began what Id like to call a rap challenge by dropping straight freestyle projects. My works ‘001 EP’, ‘002 EP’, and ‘003 EP’ are completely freestyles while ‘Palm Sunday’ and ‘OG EP’ contain songs with partially written lyrics. This was an exercise in attempt to become a better artist and it was very successful.


With what seemed like a hiatus, I was actually very busy all the second-half of 2020 and throughout 2021 making new waves in the background. I had something planned. Something different. I wanted to create as many tracks as possible to pick and choose the best ones to go on my new project. A technique I’ve now coined as batch content creation.

On December 12, 2021, I finally dropped ‘Stop Playin’ With P’, a 12-track mixtape and my first release since ‘003 EP’ way back in June of 2020. It was a huge success and in my opinion, one of the greatest projects ever made… next to what I have coming next.

It’s 2022.


As always, Palm is busy being a husband, as well as a father of two on top of being a multi-faceted artist, constantly working on new material to push out.

Stay tuned for new Palm and follow

@PalmWavy on Instagram here.